13 April 2013: Liquid Assets!

If there’s any truth to all these allegations about POTUS and Russian prostitutes urinating on each other, then how can POTUS accuse James Comey of being a “leaker” concerned only with sales for his upcoming tell-all book? Think “liquid assets.” Talk about YELLOW JOURNALISM!

“Younger Than Springtime” with KeeWee

Of the many wonderful cards and e-greetings I received recently on my birthday, the one that made me feel “younger than springtime” was from KeeWee (with a little help from Julie Jacob), whose card showed a cake with three candles on it, suggesting that, in dog years, I am only 21 years old.

14 December 2016: King Lear at Trump Tower!

Donald Trump has postponed “until sometime next month” the revelation of how he plans to resolve all potential conflicts of interest arising from his vast business empire in light of his  ascendency to the American presidency.  In the past, he has always said that the business will be passed on to three of his four…