1. Hi Paul,
    I am Philip Garcia here in Bacolod City Philippines. I wonder if you have any news of Terry Caparas?
    Met her in the ’60s. Thank you.

  2. I was the copy chief at Philippine Advertising Counselors (PAC) in Makati in 1967-68, and Terry Caparas was one of the copywriters already there when I was hired. She was a good copywriter, and one of the happiest, most cheerful people I’ve ever met. I remember that one of her favorite songs was “Make Someone Happy.” She used to sing it all the time. I lost touch with her when I left Manila for the United States in June 1968. I heard subsequently that she had died in the 1970s or maybe the 1980s. It made me very sad, because I liked her a lot. She always seemed a bit ethereal to me, as though she lived in a world of her own making. I have just one picture of her on my website. I wish I had more. How did you meet her?

  3. Hi Paul,
    Sorry for the delay but just had a major operation here in Makati. Sorry to hear aboutTerry. She was a great person to know. We met in Bacolod with the St Theresa College classmate of Terry. Then she went to Europe as a model of Karilagan. Lost touch with her. Tried her name in the internet and found you as her friend. I am from Bacolod and still in Bacolod. I just to pick up Terry in that ad office in 1968. Thank you for the reply and info. Hope to meet you some day and talk about Terry.

    Philip Garcia

  4. Hello Paul Lim and Philip Garcia,

    I was Terry’s best friend/ sister by choice- classmates from 5th grade through college. I now reside in New York. I also worked at PAC (in research, if I remember correctly). We, 13 of us classmates, did vacation in Cebu and Bacolod after college graduation – summer flings before seriously looking for work.

    Terry died in 1986 in Kentucky. Regrettably she was not blessed with the gift of years. She was as beautiful as she was when we were younger and never lost her brilliant singing voice. She was married and had 2 beautiful children. I was blessed with the gift of spending her last two weeks with her. She was a brilliant optimistic woman with such a bright future ahead of her – yet she proudly chose to be a full time mother. I miss her still and always will.

    How did this serendipitous string of exchanges come about?

  5. Thanks Paul. Would you please write in more detail your memories of Terry, specially her work as a copywriter. Her modeling was stuff on the side and not her career but it seems she is known to be only as a fashion model. She was certainly more than that. I don’t remember now which ads she made or if she also modeled in ads. I am requesting this please for her children who were too young to know and remember her well. If you are in touch with Ariel Oreta, could you pls ask him to do the same? I would prefer your sending to my email address below. Many thanks and stay well.

    Philip, you may also write to me about Terry if you wish.


  6. Hi Teri again. By just a thought to find TerryCap placed her name at goggle and found Paul website. I am still in Bacolod City. Retired and just enjoying my life here with my ten year old son. Terry and I went out for many months in Manila. I remember that we just to pick you up in Malate? Many years and memories fade. There was a botica near BY? Miss Terry. I should have married her but then we were young and wanted to live freely. Email me so I could get your email. Regards

    Philip Garcia

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